Consignment of your car

If you decide to undertake the “consignment” program for the sale of your car, we will provide you with a service developed ad hoc, tailored to every need. In addition to taking care of the car, from an “aesthetic” point of view and creating a photoshoot, we will periodically provide you data and analysis of commercial requests relating to the car in question, we will offer the car to potential buyers through our privileged channels and we will take care of all the practices relating to the transfer of ownership and delivery when the sale is finalized.


Insurance and financial services

When purchasing the car thanks to the agreement with a primary insurance company, we are able to develop packages tailored to your needs which include numerous advantages. Furthermore, if necessary, we can offer you financial solutions such as financing or leasing.


Wheels and tires

In addition to the classic tire change service based on the season, we are at your disposal with advice on which tires to use for your car, also based on the intended use.
We also offer the possibility to choose from a wide range of rims to replace the standard ones, to give a “touch” of extra sportiness.


Wrapping and protective films

A service that is enjoying great success is personalizing your car with a wrap. In addition to the classic colors, and the matte or glossy finish, you can provide your own graphics (or your own idea) and see it made on the bodywork.
If, on the other hand, you only want to preserve the original paint, you can install a transparent protective film, which maintains the conditions unaltered without changing the aesthetics.



From small scratches to more full-bodied jobs, if you need changes or repairs to the bodywork of your car, you can leave it here with us and in a few days it will be like new.


Professional polishing and washing

In the event that your car has stood still in the box for a long time or, worse still, on the road we can make it shine again like new.
Especially after the winter season, a thorough polishing and washing that also involves the inside of the machine, certainly contributes to give the car a “fresh” look.
In addition to the exteriors and interiors, washing also ensures optimal cleaning of the engine tank, brake discs and all other mechanical components that are more subject to dirt and wear.


Cars transport

For the most demanding customers who want to have their new car delivered at home or anywhere else, we can manage the delivery with closed trucks that guarantee complete privacy and preservation from the weather. We also guarantee the delivery of the cars also by cargo plane or by ship.

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Car covers

To protect your car from dust, weather conditions or external glances, we can make a car cover of any color and with the exact dimensions of your car, as well as being able to customize it as you wish. In addition, there is the possibility of combining seat covers and steering wheel covers.

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Carbon fiber components

To give your car a more racing feel, we provide the possibility to replace most of the standard components with the carbon fiber versions, both for the interior and the exterior.
From small details to important components such as the bumper, the extractor or the rear spoiler, there is no limit to the range of customizations available.

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Interior care and personalization

Car interiors are subject to wear and tear and, more or less indirectly, to weather conditions, especially if the car is used frequently.
To allow you to always have your car in perfect condition, making it enjoyable 365 days a year, we have developed a special treatment, restoration and care service for the leather and fabrics of the cockpit.
Even small details such as the handles of the steering wheel or gearbox can, if damaged, return to shine like new. In addition to taking care of the cockpit, always keeping its conditions optimal, we also take care of customizing it on request.
The goal, in addition to realizing your wishes, is to give vent to your creativity, making you “play” with your ideas, comparing them, evaluating them and creating together the right mix to create a bespoke interior that matches your tastes and your soul.