Prezzo: € 142.500
Anno | Year:
Alimentazione | Fuel:
Chilometri | Kilometers:
Cambio | Gearbox:
Potenza | Power:
295 KW/401 CV
Cilindri | Cylinders:
Cilindrata | Displacement:
5.654 cm3
Trazione | Traction:

Descrizione | Description

  • The Atulux (acronym of All Terrain Utility Luxury) was built on the robust base of the RAM 1500 expertly
    modified to become a 4-seater saloon The choice fell on the Dodge vehicle which ensures a solid structure and which, thanks to the 401hp 5.7-litre HEMI V8 engine, offers performance adequate to the level of the vehicle. The work was carried out by specialised sheet metal workers who,
    on the aesthetic base created by Aznom, recreated the union of the two front compartments with the rear
    part, redefining all the lines in a harmonious way.
  • The connections between the front and rear of the car
    were also revised, creating new fastening points to strengthen the body.
  • Also the braking system has been modified to improve the performance of the standard model, the standard disc brakes have been replaced with 420mm discs and 8-piston calipers while the rear discs are now 380mm.
    The result is an imposing 4-seater saloon, just under six metres long, capable of providing extreme driving
    comfort, thanks to the air suspensions that are able to filter the roughness of the ground and to vary the
    vehicle’s setup.
  • If it is the grandeur of the car that amazes you from the outside, once you get in the exceptional liveability
    becomes a distinguishing feature.
    The interior of Atulux has been set up as a luxury lounge able to guarantee maximum travel comfort with
    particular attention to rear passengers. The interiors are made of full-grain nubuck leather with a vintage
    effect, embroidered with a three-dimensional wave pattern to characterise some details such as the back
    of the ceiling and the seat mirrors. Details in alcantara cream cover part of the front roof and the carpentry.
    A thorough soundproofing of the entire cockpit was also carried out using specific materials to reduce noise
    and vibrations, further increasing the on-board comfort.
    Given the generous volume increase of the passenger compartment, an additional system controlled by the
    rear seats was added to the standard air conditioner in order to better manage the on-board climate.
  • The interior spaces, usable as a relaxation or work area, are finished with quality materials and have a use
    of space able to recreate intimate and luxurious environments. The element that strongly characterises the
    interior of the car is the central nautical-inspired tunnel. It is made of blown steamed bleached oak to
    guarantee the ergonomics necessary for the occupants and to create a fluid and harmonious element
    useful to contain all the gadgets that Atulux is equipped with.
  • In the central armrest of the rear seats there is a 15-litre refrigerator that can hold 2 bottles of champagne,
    while in the 2 side arms, also made of wood, there are 1 flute and 2 whiskey glasses on each side. In the
    central part of the tunnel, guests can use a coffee bar with 2 crystal bottles for fine spirits and 2 other
    whiskey glasses.
    Also in the tunnel but behind the rear seats is an automatic lifting Nespresso coffee machine with a
    selection of pods of different tastes.
  • Two 17pole-to-ceiling LED monitors allow you to watch both the TV and a DVD or play with the X-Box
    housed in the terminal part of the tunnel.
    The full digital audio system consisting of 10 speakers + subwoofer for a total of 1200watts is connected to
    the X-Box, the radio and the digital player for a high-quality listening experience.
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  • Cambio automatico
  • Trazione integrale
  • Climatizzatore automatico trizona
  • Navigatore satellitare
  • Sensori di parcheggio anteriori e posteriori
  • Telecamera posteriore
  • Sospensioni Pneumatiche regolabili
  • Cruise control
  • Cerchi in lega da 21”
  • Volante riscaldato multifunzione
  • Sedili anteriori riscaldabili e ventilabili
  • Sedili regolabili elettricamente con funzione di memoria
  • Ricami con motivo ad onde
  • Inserti in legno pregiato di rovere sbiancato
  • Doppio tettuccio panoramico
  • Sistema di intrattenimento posteriore
  • Doppio Monitor a LED da 17” a soffitto
  • Consolle XBOX tunnel centrale
  • Dettagli in alcantara color crema
  • Frigorifiero posteriore centrale da 15 litri
  • Braccioli laterali posteriori con scomparto per bicchieri
  • Tunnel centrale posteriore con macchina del caffè “Nespresso” a sollevamento automatico
  • Tunnel centrale con vano bar con 2 bottiglie in cristallo per distillati pregiati e 2 bicchieri da whisky
  • Display touch screen
  • Sistema bluetooth
  • Ingresso USB, SD e Sim
  • Impianto audio full digital “Hertz” da 10 altoparlanti a 1200w
  • Supporto TV e DVD
  • Start & Stop Engine
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